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At Aloha LTP in Boise ID, we know your trees and shrubs are an essential part of your outdoor decor. Tree and shrub care is as important to your outdoor maintenance needs as cutting the grass. Your trees and shrubs require our expertise for all things green in the Treasure Valley area. The keys to maintaining healthy trees and shrubs that continue to grow and flourish are fertilization as an insect and disease control plan At Aloha LTP, we’re educated in the vast array of illnesses that can harm your trees and shrubs. We will work diligently to care and maintain your greenery properly. The two stages of our Aloha LTP tree and shrub care treatment plan:
   • Proper feeding and fertilization
   • Diagnosis and appropriate treatment of pests and disease

Tree and Shrub Fertilization
Robust trees and shrubs require deep root fertilizer treatments to receive the necessary nutrients that will promote healthy growth plus build-up the strength and resistance trees and shrubs need to fight off attacks from pest and disease. Green and lush outdoor plants are a cornerstone of a gorgeous landscape design. At Aloha LTP, we work hard to enhance your ability to enjoy the beauty of your yard all season long. We'll assess the needs of your individual trees and shrubs for customized treatment plans.

Goodbye Chlorosis
Appropriate tree and shrub care includes fertilization treatments that will also halt the progression of chronic plant conditions like chlorosis. You can recognize chlorosis when the leaves of your trees or shrubs turn yellow. Lack of chlorophyll development can cause chlorosis. Properly fertilizing and nourishing your trees and shrubs will ensure your greenery gets the proper amount of chlorophyll it needs to flourish. Insect and disease control treatmentsAt Aloha LTP in Boise, ID, we work hard to educate ourselves about the wide variety of diseases and pests that could infect the trees and shrubs in the Treasure Valley area.

Our expertise enables us to devise an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan for the highest in tree and shrub care. We will assess the damage created by pests or disease and nurse your precious outdoor greenery back to a healthy life with a targeted solution specific to your trees and shrubs.

Dormant Oil Treatments

Dormant oil treatments can help reduce the occurrence of pests and disease in fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. Dormant oil treatments are applied to control insects that could cause damage by chewing their way through your trees. For over 15 years, the specialists at Aloha LTP in Boise, ID continue to stay on top of the latest trends in tree and shrub care so we may provide superior services for the Treasure Valley Area including our neighbors in:
   • Meridian, ID
   • Eagle, ID
   • Garden City, ID
   • Star, IDCall our experts today.

We'll assess your tree and shrub care needs and devise a treatment plan for the proper caring and feeding of your precious landscaping assets.