Insect Treatment Boise ID

Aloha LTP in Boise, ID has accrued over 15 years of experience in lawn care and insect treatment for our happy customers in the Treasure Valley area. We've spend years identifying the broad variety of insects that thrive in Idaho and could end up in your grass, destroying your lawn's health and beauty. Our experts will be pleased to create an individualized insect treatment plan suited for your lawn's needs. 

Insect Treatments From Aloha LTP include:
     • Perimeter Pest Control Plans
     • Bill Bug Applications
     • Wasp, Spider, and Earwig Treatments
     • Spider Treatment And Spider Barriers
     • Treatment Plans for Aphids, White Grubs, and Beetles

Don’t think your lawn insect appears on this list? Give us a call and we’ll help you determine what insect treatment is best for you. 

Dormant Oil Treatments
Dormant oil treatments will help reduce the occurrence of pests and disease in fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. Dormant oil treatments are applied to control insects that could cause damage by chewing their way through your trees.

Insect Treatment Distribution
We've created a host of different ways to disperse treatments with our pest control arsenal. All our insect treatments are fast-acting and extremely efficient in eradicating outdoor insects. We'll create a specific plan to target the pests lurking in your lawn. 

Depending on the infestation, Aloha LTP will use topical sprays to spot-treat leaves directly or spray your trees entirely using our truck pump sprayers. Our expert technicians are trained to devise the best course of action for the most effective results. 

Additional insect treatment distribution methods we may use include drenches for the root system and deep root injections. We drill into the bark layer to inject pesticides directly into the infested tree

With our 15+ years of insect treatment experience, Aloha LTP can develop a top-notch pest elimination plan to rid your landscape of bugs and keep them at bay for good, helping your lawn to thrive and grow. 

Aloha LTP is proud to serve Boise, ID and our neighbors in the Treasure Valley Area that include:
     • Meridian, ID
     • Eagle, ID
     • Garden City, ID
     • Star, ID

Whatever type of insect is ruining your lawn, trees, or shrubs, the professionals at Aloha LTP will be able to identify and treat the problem as quickly as possible. We want all our customers to be satisfied, and we guarantee all the services we provide. Call today and let our experts create a plan to get rid of your nasty lawn pests.