Lawn Care Boise ID

At Aloha LTP, we have over 15 years of experience caring for lawns in Boise, ID and the Treasure Valley Area. In all that time, we've learned a thing or two about superior lawn care techniques. Our expertise allows us to offer a variety of affordable lawn care service packages that will suit your needs and bring out the healthy, lush landscape you desire. 

Our Lawn Care Services include:
     • Fertilization
     • Weed Control And Management
     • Aeration

Our Fertilizer Products:
At Aloha LTD in Boise, ID we offer a unique fertilizer mix made especially for us. Our proprietary dry blend was developed to deliver the most nutrients to create a lush and lovely lawn all season long.

We feel our dry granular mix offers a slow release of high-quality fertilizer that slows the dangerous growth spikes you can get with liquid products. 

Our five-phase fertilization system
Our comprehensive five-phase fertilizer application system will wake up your lawn, keep it fed throughout the season, and put it to bed with a healthy meal. We'll provide your grass with the essential nutrients necessary for long-term health and a luxurious lawn. 

  - Phase 1 - In early Spring, we wake up a sleepy lawn with a high nitrogen application. We also add a pre-emergent treatment to get an early start on weed             control. 

  - Phase 2 - Essential to this application is the slower release of nitrogen and a balanced blend to promote root growth for the continued overall health of your         lawn. If needed, we will also apply an insect treatment at this phase as well. 

  - Phases 3 and 4 - These Summer applications include the use of iron, which assist in keeping your lawn brilliantly green without excessive overgrowth. 

  - Phase 5 - Fall is the time we put your lawn to bed. A proper feeding will promote root growth all Winter. 

Weed Management And Control
At Aloha, LTP, we've created a two-prong approach for a virtually weed free yard

Pre-emergent Treatments
Pre-emergent treatments are applied in the Spring to keep weeds from germinating in the first place. 

Targeting Treatments
If weeds begin to pop up, we use a targeted approach to fight back. Using a liquid application from our backpack sprayers, we target the weeds only, instead of blanketing the entire lawn with spray. 

We feel by targeting just the weeds only; we reduce the number of chemicals released into the environment and spread onto your property. Why spray the whole lawn for just a couple of weeds? 

Fungal Treatments
A diseased lawn has unappealing brown spots. If your grass becomes unhealthy from a fungus, our experts can determine the cause and create a treatment plan customized to your lawn's needs. 

Lawn aeration service
Another lawn care treatment we offer at Aloha LTP is called aeration. This process allows water and nutrients to penetrate deep into your lawn's roots for a thicker and stronger lawn. A healthier lawn is so much easier to maintain and enjoy. 

Call the experts at Aloha LTP in Boise, ID for our expert advice and a fair quote. Our technicians will be delighted to create a lawn care plan that will enhance the health of your landscape for years.